This week in review (Friday, August 5th, 2011)

It has come to my attention that not many people actually sit here and read by rant posts about Microsoft, or the vb language as a whole. Instead, I get a bunch of spam comments trying to trade links or what not. That’s too bad, I was really hoping that I had some actual readers out there. But because of this, this blog will probably end up turning into a development blog, where I list all the recent updates that have occurred in BrandonSoft branded software. And here is a list of the updates that have been implemented into already existing software.

Income Tracker .2.1 Beta

  • Added multiple currencies, so users can select their currency symbol. However, they must type in their own instead of choosing from a list
  • Added the ability to subtract from total profit (So one may keep track of spending as well)
  • Added a launcher, which ensures that the application is launched with administrative privileges.
  • Fixed the installer so it installs the latest version (.2.1b) And it also installs the .NET 4.0 Framework and all needed libraries.
  • Fixed a couple bugs regarding multiple symbols appearing in the main interface

Twit Control 1.6 Beta

Although this application is not available to the public, here is a list of already implemented features:

  • Faster Twitter synchronization (By using multiple threads)
  • Faster Facebook synchronization (By using multiple threads)
  • More reliable Facebook synchronization (By the use of WatiN libraries)
  • More groupboxes on the main form to make the application seem more organized
  • More secure transfer of Facebook passwords
  • A new about page
  • A new layout to the Twitter authentication window
  • I have yet to add this, but I will soon: A method to update both Twitter and Facebook statuses directly from TwitControl
  • Added an advanced error tracking system that automatically reports all errors to me.

Xinonz .1 Alpha

This application was never released to the public, and was started about 2 years ago. It is basically a little menubar that anchors to the top of one’s desktop, and makes accessing files easier. I simply revived the project by updating it to .NET Framework 4.0 from 3.5

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